Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hulbert's Take on Haiti!!

Some of you know that our family is going to be going to Haiti in February!!! I'm SO excited that we get to take the three older kids with us and I have set up this blog as a way for you to follow our support raising process, our journey to Haiti and see the lives we touch while we are there! I hope you will join us in prayer as we prepare our hearts for this journey. We will be traveling to an orphanage in late February with a ministry called CoreLuv.

Why missions to Haiti?
Jason and I both grew up doing many missions in our youth and it has long been a desire of our heart to do something without children when the time came. The time is now. Our kids are growing up in an entitled world, and as much as we try to teach them there are many things they need to experience to understand. I am thankful that our church (The Crossing Church) partners with this awesome organization that brings hope and love to children in Haiti.

You're bringing your kids?!
Yes we are!! We feel that there are some things you can't teach, you have to experience. And we want our kids to BE the hands and feet of Jesus to someone else. We want them to get a vision of life outside of the United States and realize there is so much more outside of what we know.
Me, Jason, Josh, Jenna and Julianna in DC in Oct.

What are the details?
We are prayerfully raising funds for our mission trip for Jason, myself, and our three oldest kids (Josh, Jenna and Julianna). The cost breaks down into five passports, five airplane tickets (need to purchase by 12/15), lodging, food and transportation for five days. We will be traveling Feb. 20 - 25th, 2016, and are hoping you will pray alongside us, or consider monetarily supporting us. Here is a link you can donate towards getting our passports and airfare. We appreciate your support!!

We LOVE to read comments and prayers of our readers! Be sure to leave us some love below! 

- JaimeAnn

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